Explained: AC Tune-Ups

Each year come summertime, tune-ups on your air conditioning unit are most likely completed. These maintenance checks are imperative when identifying issues within your system. What you may know is that a tune-up is done to make sure your unit is working and ready for Michigan’s hot summer months. But…do you really know what the service entails? Now is the time to get your maintenance check-up, and here is why.

Why Does Annual Maintenance Matter?

Annual AC tune-ups help to enhance efficiency, prevent problems before they arise, and SAVE YOU MONEY. If your unit is having frequent issues ask yourself, “When was the last time I had maintenance done?” If it’s been longer than a year, an easy fix is coming your way! Making sure your system is energy efficient can not only help you save money on your monthly energy bill, but also restores lost efficiency and capability. Your system may require more frequent repairs if it does not receive regular upkeep. Our technicians will inspect your unit for any small issues and stop them before they become more major.
Not to mention, getting annual checkups will help extend the life of your system and prevent a forced early replacement. Stay on top of your tune-ups to save time and lots of money. This service helps prevent problems, not repair them.

How Tune-Ups Work

By now you might be wondering what actually happens during this service. There are multiple things that go on while your unit is being checked. As mentioned above, our technicians start with a full inspection of the unit and will identify any posing issues with the system. They will also provide a cleaning and add refrigerant if needed. This is a chemical compound that absorbs heat and helps turn it into cool air in your home. These are just some of the procedures fulfilled during your tune-up and professional cleaning.
Additional benefits include:
– Clean, level, and calibrate your thermostat.
– Inspect condenser coil and evaporator coil when readily accessible.
– Replace standard 1 inch filters.
– Lubricate all moving parts when required.
– Inspect all belts and pulleys.
– Test all safety controls and/or devices.
– Test all electrical connections and terminals.
– Test humidifier operation and set damper switches and valves.
– Perform safety inspections on heat exchangers, burners and pilot assemblies, and blower compartments.
– Activate heating and cooling systems.
– Test all motors, starting capacitor, and potential relays.
– Test and measure operating temperature and pressures.
– Electronically test for poisonous deadly carbon monoxide gas.
– Test for gas leaks at furnace.
All of these examples and more are part of our annual Maintenance Care Plan at Precision Heating and Cooling. When signing up, you’ll also save 10% on any other service call and on new installations. Our professionals will make sure your furnace and air conditioning units are in tip-top shape for the following seasons. Get ahead before it’s too late and contact us at 616-784-2350 or sign up on our website to join our maintenance program today!