What is a REME-HALO® UV Light system?

You’ve probably heard that being in an enclosed space with multiple people increases your chances of becoming sick. While in some situations this may be true due to poor ventilation, it could be prevented when using the right air purification system. Here’s the thing, the average human spends up to 90% of their time indoors whether it be at home, school, work, etc. So if you really think about it, there are tons of opportunities to contract other peoples’ germs and transferable illnesses they may be carrying. And yes, most times the common cold or virus goes away within a week or two, but when considering long-term health, what effect is contaminated indoor air going to have on our bodies?

Why You've Been Told That Outdoor Air is Cleaner

Sunlight has been known to be a natural, outdoor air disinfectant for decades. Research has revealed that it maintains the ability to create and release hydrogen peroxide, thus helping eliminate harmful microorganisms through its ultraviolet (UV) properties. To put it simply, this means that sunlight helps to kill harmful bacteria and produce cleaner air. It’s also why you’ve been told that outside air is typically much better quality than indoor air. The question that now stands: how can the outdoor processes of natural purification be replicated in indoor spaces?

Bringing the Power of the Sun, Inside

This is where the REME-HALO® UV Light system comes into play. As air in your home could be polluted even five times more than exterior air, this device has been designed to bridge the gap between the two qualities. What you’re breathing in an enclosed space is most likely not properly sanitized, and added contaminants are not being filtered. This is probably why you often hear that it is easier to get sick or catch a virus while inside.
Created by the RGF Environmental Group, Inc., the REME-HALO® combines a UVC light on an advanced catalyst to release safe levels of hydrogen peroxide throughout indoor areas. Pretty much what this means is rather than using a regular air filter, this system uses hydrogen peroxide, similar to the function of the sun in regards to disinfecting. It has also proven to reduce things such as bacteria, viruses, odors, mold spores, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and more from your home. On top of all that, 98% of sneeze germs are removed before they can travel even three feet.
REME-HALO UV Light System
The 99% effective system works to protect you in your home or office and is easily installable right onto your central air conditioning unit. If you have any questions or would be interested in having a member of our team install a REME-HALO UV Light system, call Precision Heating and Cooling!